Dr. Angelos Amditis

Research Director of ICCS

C-ITS Platform Report on the deployment of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems in EU

After one year of productive work and fruitful discussions in the framework of the Platform for the Deployment of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), a report including guidance on how the EU can make the most of connected cars have been issued last Thursday, 21 January 2016 by the European Commission (DG Move). You can download the report from:


The C-ITS Platform was launched by the Commission in July 2014. The objective of the C-ITS platform was to identify and agree on how to ensure interoperability of C-ITS across borders and along the whole value chain, as well as to identify the most likely and suitable deployment scenario(s). The scope of the C-ITS platform was focused on the main technical (frequencies, hybrid communications, (cyber-) security and access to in-vehicle data) and legal issues (such as liability, data protection and privacy). It also covered standardisation, cost benefit analysis, business models, public acceptance, road safety and other implementation topics, international cooperation, etc. The C-ITS platform will continue its work on 2016 not only focusing on the abovementioned topics but also by expanding in new areas as Automation and Digital Infrastructure.