Dr. Angelos Amditis was appointed as a representative of ICCS at the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF) of the European Commission. The Forum aims at further supporting digitalisation of freight transport and logistics. It will bring together Member States and stakeholders from all transport and logistics communities with the aim to identify challenges and areas where common action in the EU is needed, to provide recommendations, and to work on the implementation of these recommendations where appropriate.

Dr. Angelos Amditis will represent ICCS at the euRobotics AISBL where recently became a member. The euRobotics AISBL is a non-profit organisation for the robotic sector that works as a 'public-private partnership' (PPP). PPP in general is a partnership where private sector partners, the European Union and, where appropriate, other partners, commit to jointly support the development and implementation of a research and innovation programme or activities.

euRobotics aisbl has members from the robotics industry (robot makers, component suppliers, system integrators and service providers), from academia and research, and from users of robotic systems, technologies and related services.

Dr. Angelos Amditis have been invited by ERTICO to become a member of the ITS Congress European Programme Committee - EPC (part of the International Programme Committee - IPC) starting with the ITS European Congress in Glasgow, Scotland (6-9 June 2016). The European/International Programme Committee's role is to determine the most appropriate topics for people to submit Technical papers, agree on major themes which are relevant to the ITS community, participate in the selection of speakers, as well as approve the Special Sessions proposals, review papers, participate in the meetings and congresses, organise and moderate sessions.